Cost: $160 per MONTH

Group Size: 2 - 4 Athletes per Session

  ball Months: School Year (August - May)

  ball Sessions: 2 Per Week

  ball Individual Lessons: Yes, by Appointment

  ball Cost for T.A.S.C. Program

Group Size: Small Groups

  ball Sessions: 4 Per Week

  ball Individual Lessons: Yes, by Appointment
Cappy's Monthly Programs
The Monthly Program is offered throughout the School Year and begins the last week of August and goes through the end of May.

The program is designed to setup each individual with a structured baseball specific training routine based on AGE and SKILL level.

Cappy's Cage is setup for the ultimate baseball gym experience where program members can take advantage of valuable instruction in the batting cage as well as rotating through multiple athletic training stations throughout the training area.

Workout routines are setup to increase speed, agility, quickness, flexibility, balance, coordination, explosiveness, strength, and conditioning. Most importantly participants are there to learn about hitting and baseball skill in all areas of the game to become a better player/athlete.

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task program
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JUNE 22-25 and JUNE 29 - JULY 2

The T.A.S.C program consists of WEEK 1 outdoor training @ Anthem (see Cappy for location) & WEEK 2 Hitting program @ Cappy’s Cage.  The weeks consist of MONDAY thru THURSDAY. Activities are as follows:

Activities Include:

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* Comfortable training attire required at all functions (shorts, t-shirt, sneakers, sunscreen for outdoor sessions only)

702.882.9170 * Las Vegas, NV
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